"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thoughts we make the world"- The Dhammapada



Here's to You...

Here’s to you…

I wanted to dedicate this blog post to my Grandfather. It’s been about 12 years since his passing yet his legacy still lives on. He is a man who has deeply impacted my life and inspired me on so many levels. Ironically, he has taught me more in spirit than he ever did in life. My grandfather Antonio Tavares or as I call him Avo Tavares passed away at the age of 83 a few months’ shy of my 17th birthday. My Grandfather was a man who came from very humble beginnings. He was born in a small town in Portugal, and immigrated to Angola. He spent some time studying to become a priest, but then he met my beautiful Grandmother and his course in life changed. My Grandfather was a man who was full of life, he loved to laugh, celebrate, dance, sing, and play his guitar. He always looked at the glass half full and had an unwavering faith in life. He was an honest man of great character and integrity. My Grandfather was a dedicated husband and loving father. Truly a family man. He was a compassionate man who lived a life truly rooted in gratitude and eternal optimism. Now my Grandfather’s life was far from easy. He faced many challenges throughout his lifetime, many that I can’t even fathom experiencing. He survived war, having to leave behind everything but the shirt on his back, immigrating to 3 different continents, and several serious illnesses including cancer just to name a few. Yet his passion for life remained strong. My Grandfather was very ahead of his times in terms of his thinking. He had a deeper understanding of life and what is important. These are things that can be very challenging for many of us. We are up against a lot in terms of negativity in society. Many of us were brought up to think and function from a place  of lack, to always allow ourselves to go the negative thoughts. Despite all the obstacles life presented him with he continued to trust that life would always provide him with what he needed. And guess what? It did! While I didn’t understand how deep his message was in the way that he lived his life at the time of his death, life’s circumstances and experiences have allowed me to reflect on these things and see a completely different perspective on what an incredible example he set in how he lived his life. I admire his optimism, in fact I find it incredibly refreshing especially considering the times he grew up in. My Grandfather understood that happiness is not something found outside of ourselves but rather something found within. He understood the importance of a life rooted in gratitude and how our thoughts and perceptions can affect our happiness. So today, I end this blog entry in deep gratitude to my Avo Tavares and to all of the people who inspired me and continue to inspire me to grow and learn. May we continue to share our journeys with one another and continue to inspire each other to reach our full potential.

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  1. Let me confide you : You made him imensely proud of you....and what he talked about you at the time when he knew that time was not on his side... and time was of the essence. He always voiced his concerns over what the future would offer you in times of uncertainty.
    But he also knew that the way you were brought up, you'd be prepared for anything that life would surprise you with.
    Deep in my ailing heart I know that he's enjoying the blossoming of those flowers he so much cared for.....and he must be thinking: I did what I had to do,.... now let them grow on their own.