"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thoughts we make the world"- The Dhammapada



A Place of Love..

This summer has been a mash up of highs and lows for me. I experienced a lot of personal and spiritual growth. And while I am still learning and growing every day the experiences I lived through these past two months will stay with me forever. At the beginning of my journey this year when my life was falling apart I remember writing in my journal about what it was that I wanted to do this summer. Travel has always been a great passion of mine. I made a vision board of all the different places I’d love to visit and what I wanted my life to embody this year.  I never thought I’d be able to pull off all these trips in one summer. Especially trips that where so monumental to me. But it happened 2 months of traveling to amazing places I had only dreamed of visiting. During my traveling I was forced to really step out of my comfort zone. Something I have always been weary of doing. Fear and ego tend to overtake my decisions to put myself out there and step out of the box. I’m guessing this is something all of us struggle with from time to time. It ended up being the best decision I ever made. In today’s blog I want to share some of the things that I learned this summer and some of my goals in personal growth for this upcoming year. I have an extremely romantic view on life. When I went through my break up one of the things I truly learned was to embrace every emotion. Whether it was joy, happiness, sadness, or anger it didn’t matter. I try and find the beauty in every feeling. The first thing I learned was to set no expectations in life. I’ve always been such a planner in everything that I did. We put so much energy into planning things that when things don’t play out the way you had intended you end up being disappointed. Sometimes it’s better to let life unfold naturally.

“Learn to trust the process of life to always bring you what you need”

This quote really bears a lot of truth. The universe will provide you with the information you need when you need it in order to keep you on the right path. You just need to trust. 

"For magic only happens when one is fully present and available to what is so, and not preoccupied with what is not."- Katherine Woodward Thomas

 This summer I also fell in love in every way you can imagine. Love is really such an intoxicating feeling. Every form of it. Love for yourself, for a partner, for friends, family, and life itself.   In fact in life Love is the only thing that is real.  The love I am talking about is honest, real, genuine, and sincerely from the heart. It is the kind of love you give with no expectations only sincerity. These feelings of love truly inspired me. And with that as inspiration I set a new goal for myself; to truly Live from a place of Love. It felt so good to live my life from such an honest and genuine place. Living from a place of love can be quite challenging at times but the feeling of satisfaction and peace is worth it. A heart where only love resides leaves no room for resentment, fear, or anger. When you look at life through loving eyes your reality changes. You attract loving energy, situations, and people into your life. Living from a place of love does not mean that you will never be hurt. It does not mean that your life will be perfect. It means that you are choosing to change your perspective on how you view the world. You are choosing to allow peace into your heart which will mirror into your life. Every one of us emits powerful energy into the world. When we choose to live from a loving place there is an energy shift that takes place. These small shifts in energy help bring the world closer to becoming a more peaceful and loving place.
 In conclusion, this summer really taught me to go out and grab life by the horns so to speak. If you want to do something, try something, go somewhere don’t let fear hold you back. Just go for it. It may be the best decision you ever made. When we leave this earth the only thing we take with us are the experiences and connections we made. Make them worth it. Put yourself out there and try new things. Vulnerability is a beautiful thing. It’s better to have tried and failed then to never have tried at all.

“We only need faith the size of a mustard seed to move mountains in our lives”-Doreen Virtue

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