"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thoughts we make the world"- The Dhammapada



Release and Surrender

                               Release and Surrender 

“Little did I know out of my greatest disparity would come my greatest gift”—The Secret 

Sorry for the long delay in posts friends. The past few months have been a bit overwhelming (in the best way possible!). I’ve had lots of exciting things coming to fruition in my life.  This time apart from writing has given me the opportunity to sit and reflect on many things.  It’s amazing how much can change in one short year. This time last year I was at my lowest point in life. My life was shattering before my very eyes. Today I sit here feeling the happiest and strongest I’ve ever been. Reflecting on all the ups and downs of this past year evokes a feeling of deep gratitude.  I can’t help but be proud of the woman I am slowly becoming. And to think it all started with this little phrase…”Thoughts become Things”.  YOU are in control of your happiness friends and I am living proof of that. 

“Live Fully. The most important things in LIFE cannot be seen but must be FELT with the heart. Be kind & generous. SIMPLIFY. Have Patience and Compassion. Be GRATEFUL for the gifts you’ve been given. Challenge yourself. Inspire Someone. Take the road less traveled. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!” 

One of my greatest struggles throughout my journey this past year has been to release my fears and just trust life. I am someone who always liked to be in control. So much so that I tried to control every situation in my life even my emotions. All that resulted in was stress and anxiety. After all feelings and emotions are what makes life worth living. Right? I would constantly try to suppress feelings or make sense of them.  I tried to rationalize every emotion especially those that made me feel particularly vulnerable. Until I finally realized that trying to rationalize or make sense of emotions was useless. It didn’t solve anything. If anything it created more stress and anxiety. It was silly that I was punishing myself for something so innocently human as feeling emotions. I finally decided to just accept my feelings and emotions and simply allow them to be. If I felt sad, I allowed myself to feel sad. If I felt passionate I allowed those feelings to be. If I felt love, I allowed that feeling to live within my heart peaceful and unbothered.  I took this one step further by not only allowing those feelings to be but to feel gratitude for those feelings. I felt grateful that I was capable of feeling every emotion. 

“We must release expectations, surrender our fears, and learn that only by letting go can we let the light in”

It is important to find peace in not knowing. I started to release situations which I had no control over to the universe and simply “riding the wave” of life. Trusting life to provide me with what I need.  I made a conscious choice to be fully present, mind body and spirit, in every moment of my life. I know this concept sounds scary. And it can be at times. But life is all about risks and truthfully this hasn’t failed me yet. On the contrary, releasing and surrendering my worries to the universe has allowed me to be more open to all of the wonderful experiences life has to offer. The universe is very obedient, set your intentions for your life, don’t worry about the how… that’s for the universe to take care of…

“For magic only happens when one is fully present and available to what is so and not preoccupied with what is not.”

I have two exercises for everyone to try this week.  The first is to allow your emotions to simply be. Acknowledge them and allow them to live in your heart unbothered. 
The next is a meditation. I want you to quiet your minds and think about a situation that has been stressing you. I want you to imagine that, that situation is a little ball of light that you are holding in your hands. Focus on it for a moment and when your ready release that ball of light into the air and imagine it shattering into a million little pieces and the little light particles flowing into the universe.

"The bottom line for everyone is "I'm not good enough." It's only a thought, and a thought can be changed"-Louise L. Hay

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