"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thoughts we make the world"- The Dhammapada



Whether you think you can or you can't, either way, you're right- Henry Ford

“There is little sense in attempting to change external conditions, you must first change inner beliefs, then outer conditions will change accordingly”-Brian Adams
            There is much truth to this quote. In order for you to manifest your dreams and truly change your life for the better, you MUST first change how you think. This all goes back to the idea about “thoughts becoming things.”  I spent a large part of my life putting limits on what I was able to achieve. I think that is a common problem in our society. People tend to focus on the negative. I know for me I always grew up hearing people talk about a constant “worldwide crisis.” Many people don’t dream big out of fear. They think “Oh that will never happen to me” and you want to know something? They are probably right. BUT this is because they are putting limits on themselves. That’s the energy they are exuding out into the universe. The universe is very obedient, if all you’re focusing on is what you don’t want or cannot do, guess what? That’s exactly what will happen. I want you to think back to the last time you had “one of those days” where everything just seems to be going wrong. Many times one bad thing happens and it shifts our energy to almost start expecting more things to go wrong and the reality is that our expectations are usually met. One thing that I started to put into practice is when something goes wrong in my day; instead of automatically labeling it as a “bad day” I look at it as just a small hiccup during an otherwise great day. That automatically shifts my energy and I keep from attracting other bad things throughout that day. Just a simple change in attitude can do wonders! 
“We have the ability to create circumstances and opportunities in our lives by setting clear intentions and by committing to and living in alignment with these intentions”—Katherine Woodward Thomas
I want you to take a minute to reflect on your life. Are you where you want to be in life? Are you living a life that is in line with your intentions? Are you living your life as your authentic self?
Now, I want you all to partake in a little exercise.  Close your eyes and imagine your life with no limits as to who you could become or what you can accomplish. Imagine your dream life. Imagine the person you want to be in great detail. Feel how amazing it would be to fulfill all of your deepest desires.  Really visualize and feel all the things you want to accomplish. Feel the overwhelming joyful emotions of living your DREAM life. 
Here comes the fun part!! This is the first step in manifesting our dreams.  I have a few journaling exercises for you all to do. The first is an exercise I like to call “The person you want to be.” I want you to write down in great detail the person that you want to be. I want you to write down all of the wonderful things you already love about yourself, all of the things you would like to change, and all of the qualities you wish to embody in as much detail as possible. Really ask yourself: Who do I want to be? When you are doing this exercise I want you to write all of these things in the present tense. As if it were all already true. 
Here is an example of what I wrote so you get an idea: “I am smart, funny, free spirited, motivated, and spiritual. I am worldy and cultured. I live my life with a positive outlook. I love fully and live freely. I am fit and healthy. I live my life as my authentic self…”

For this next part, I’d like you to answer the following questions in your journal in as much detail as possible:
What parts of my life do I love?
What parts of my life do I want to change?
What is most important to me in life?
What does my dream life look like?
What steps can I take to start creating my dream life?

Answering these questions really helps to put into perspective what your life’s plan is. This is an important step because it helps set your intentions for the life you want to create. The final step now involves some arts and crafts. Now that you have a clear cut idea of what your desires are in life I want you to create a vision board. You will need a poster board, glue, scissors, and a variety of magazines. I want you to gather images and words that reflect you’re life’s aspirations. Think back on everything you just wrote in your journal and be sure that your vision board reflects all those things.

Once you have completed your beautiful vision board, hang it up. Make sure you hang it up in a place you pass often. I hung mine up right over my bed. Everyday take a few minutes to look at your vision board and really feel how it would feel to have your dream life as if it was yours in this moment.
These exercises may seem menial but they are actually quite powerful. The written word is very powerful because it sets intention and puts it out into the universe. The vision board is extremely powerful as well. Visualizing the dreams we want to manifest shifts our energy because it allows us to simulate the feelings of living our dreams. Those feelings are powerful because they shift our energy and help to attract what it is that we want.

“There are always risks in freedom. The only risk in bondage is that of breaking free.”—Gita Belin

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